Zips. Zip codes. Zip+4.  Best invention of the 20th century for interpersonal communications.  Aside from that Internet thing.  Robert Moon was no dummy.

Why is it genius?  Order from chaos, my friends.  Taking the country and breaking it down systematically into bite sized pieces.  Instead of 50 states, you have thousands of small sections.  Zeroing in on a street adress was never so simple.  Huge land mass, now in small, neatly wrapped packages.

We can take inspiration from this.  Order from chaos is our goal.  Taking the hectic, everyday traffic in an HR office and finding ways to harness that energy, bring an efficiency to the motion, and turning the tornado into a Whirling Dervish of productivity.  It’s not an easy task, and rarely one that we can take on without a burning platform of some sort.  Jim Collins was right on that point.  Break it up, break it down, and rebuild it.  That’s the only way to move forward.  It takes change to make change.

Makes you wonder what Robert Moon could have done in an HR department, doesn’t it?

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