Xtreme HR: Innovation, PT 3

Third and final day of this series from Chris Ponder.  You can part one here and part two here.  Today’s question:

  • Based on your definition of innovation with Question 1 and how you are innovating yourself with Question 2, how can you assist others with innovating themselves – their thinking, career, goals, etc.?
  • What advice can you provide others in innovating themselves, personally or professionally? What is required to be successful at transforming?

Sharing Innovation

The best way I know how to share what I’ve done is right here on the blog.  I’ve written quite a bit about the challenges we have encountered, the frustrations that come with working through obstacles and objections, and the tremendous upside that is available to those who can overcome those things.

Additionally, I am spending time speaking at conferences and sharing what I know about technology and Lean tools.  I’ve long said that there is plenty in HR that can be improved, and we don’t need a lot of “creative problem finding” in the profession right now.  “Creative problem solving,” though, is invaluable, and that’s what I try to focus on.  If I can share what I know and help out some of my HR brethren to be more successful in their careers,  I call that time well spent.

Driving Transformations

Without question, the most important thing is to know what “success” means to you and your stakeholders.  Is it a 5% reduction in cost?  Doubling the number of employees you can support?  Taking six software packages offline?  Filling all your requisitions in less than 30 days?  Whatever it is, know before you start.  Get a clear goal, and focus on it.  Hold to your scope, hold to your target, and hold to your ideals.

If you can do that, you’ll have a much better chance of being successful.

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