Xtreme HR: Innovation, PT 2

Day two of the Innovation series from Xtreme HR blog.  Today’s question…

  • Based on your definition of Innovation in Question 1, how are you innovating yourself either personally or professionally in 2011?
  • What does this innovation look like and how are you getting the word out to your network?

To recap from yesterday, I see innovation as creative problem solving and creative problem finding.  Much of the work I’m doing, both in my day job and social media second life would fall into this category…

PeopleSoft self service implementation

I work with teams across the globe to define what they need in their world from self service, listening to their concerns and helping to figure out how to implement those changes.  Most of the work is done by those on the ground who know their customers and their community, so my part is very much support.  File this under “creative problem solving.”

HR Technology vision

I’m helping to build the dream of what the system might do…someday…maybe.  There are a lot of big dreams in this one.  Trying to see how far you can stretch those dreams, and what you might be able to make happen.  This is more of the “creative problem finding.”

What does it look like?  A lot of arguing, a lot of off topic discussions, a lot of tangents, and hopefully a lot of questions.  But that’s how progress gets built, right?  If those things aren’t happening, we probably aren’t getting much done.

More to come tomorrow!

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