World Travels: Positive Vibes, People!


Why do we dwell on the negative?  What’s that about?



  1. “Try a little tenderness” I like this and I am not being sarcastic. I call it the Oprah effect, because we do tend to tell the salacious or attention grabbing stories. But sometimes those stories about helping someone in need can go a long way. You have inspired me, next I will post about a success…

    • The truth is the “nice” stories are heartwarming and uplifting, but not often funny. And we all like to bring joy, or at least laughter, to the table. Thanks for reading, Chris.

  2. I hear ya brother but man…some of my war stories are good ones! 🙂
    I will try to come up with some outstanding “good” stories for you the next time we chat. Thanks for reminding us to remain (or get) positive. Safe travels.

    • You’ve earned the right to tell them. But I know for a FACT that you’ve got stories of people who persevered and made it through the tough times with your help. Don’t be hiding that light under no bushel basket, ya heard?

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