Who Wants To Play Hemingway?

Love me some Papa.  My favorite story?

“For Sale: Baby shoes.  Never worn.”  Six words.  Skills.

(For the record, there is some question regarding the truth that he wrote this, or if it was made up for the one man play Papa.  Whatever.  Someone wrote it, he gets credit.  So be it.)

Anyway, there is a contest going on right now over at SmithMag.net.  Currently they are on challenge #4, “Six Words About Work – Memoir of the Day.”  Late in the game, I know, but still time to get involved.  What’s at stake?  Here’s their deets, in colorful glory…


Looks like fun, right?  So grab a rum daiquiri (the real ones, not the fruit slushy kind), grow a beard and get your Papa on.  And if you have something great, link to it in the comments for everyone to see.  Good luck!


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