Who do you work for?

Working this week on building an employee self service function, we
review how we support someone with no computer or no desire to us one.
The solutions are designed to drive employees to the new site and help
them get to know the interface. As a technology guy, I look forward to
it. But for whom is this solution built?
Our HR leaders will enjoy the lighter transactional burden on their team.
Our finance leaders will appreciate the expected reduction in the
cost of HR overall.
Our IT partners get to build the slick interface and get their data
scrubbed, not to mention some server and software upgrades.
Nowhere in this, though, has the overall employee experience been a
discussion point, beyond some vague chatter around “engagement” and
This isn’t new. Service organizations have been cutting costs for
years now, and the customer experience has taken a back seat. Rather
than following the basic tenants of LSS, such as letting the strategy
pull the projects, or doing real VOC work to see what customers want,
we charge ahead into a world where we are pleased to get through a
transaction on the first try.
HR desperately needs to stay in touch with our only real customer, our
employee population. Keep them happy, and make their lives simple.
It’s all they really want. Just ask them.

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