Those teeth are Vext.

No, not vexed.  Vext.  Sound the same, right?  What’s the difference?  One is a legit word.  The other is nonsense.

You see “vext” all over your organization, even if you don’t know it.  That onboarding process that doesn’t include business cards and a cell phone on day one?  Vext.  The three hour meeting someone calls to prepare for the two hour meeting next week?  Vext.  The way you work your budget to be frugal all year, then load up on supplies in December so your budget isn’t smaller next year?  Totally vext.

It’s nonsense, and it’s killing your organization.  In fact, I’d say you are vexed by vext.

Vext is more than a nuisance.  It’s a cultural norm.  It’s a way of life.  It is how business gets done far too often.  You’re better than that.  You should be, anyway.

Stand up against vext.  Play the game the right way, refuse to pander to the “old rules” of business.  It’s the only way we will ever move forward and break out of this economic slump that seems so hard to shake.


  1. Great article! This is the culture we are trying to make sure we do not have in our org!

  2. lol..yeah great

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