The Carnival is Coming Back!

Where did the year go?  Good golly, is it almost 2012?  Really?  Wow.

Well, with the new year comes a new set of Carnival hosting duties, and your truly has the unique pleasure of hosting the first installment of the year.  Considering how little material I’ve been pushing out lately, it probably couldn’t come at a better time.

As you may recall, I hosted a themed version of the carnival back in March designed to showcase the incredibly diverse writing talent of the HR blogging community.  We are blessed with great writers, and I loved where we all went.  This time, the training wheels are off.  All topic are fare game.  Write what you love, kids.

Just as last time, I really want to make sure all you that have thought about writing, but haven’t taken the time to dive in, know that you are welcome to contribute.  I’m happy to share my site with anyone who has something to share, but not a place to share it.  Or even if you do, you are welcome to crash at my place anytime.

Come one, come all.  The carnival awaits!

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