And the hits keep coming…


That’s me, hitting my head on the wall.

I need to set up new service on my Blackberry. So I drive to the mall on a Saturday afternoon to visit the company owned wireless store. Not a franchise, mind you, but an honest-to-goodness dealer. I wait my turn, then let them know what I need, all painstakingly researched online before arriving. Should be a quick transaction and money in their till, right?

“Oh, sorry. I can’t sell you that plan.”


“Yeah, they want you to order that online, so I can’t sell it here.”

But this is a company owned store, right? They get the money either way?

“Well, yeah. But I still can’t help. Sorry.”


So I head home and try to order online. Any the website would be more than happy to set me up! And send me a free phone from a small but high quality selection!

But I have my BB, so no phone for me. Save their money, save the environment, and all that. Except I can’t. No way to order new service without getting a new phone.


So I call them. I let them know who I am, what I need, and that I have done the research and really just need their help getting it set up.

No problem! Happy to help! Have you picked out a new phone? Because we can’t set up a new account without giving you a phone.


There is a happy ending. I did eventually get sent to the activation group (who don’t even have phone to give out!) and they got me set up. And I was eligible for up to 10 lines! Yeah, I just need the one, but in case I ever needed 10, they are ready to help!


Not really HR, but…

..still struck me as odd.

I’m ordering a cake for a party, and want to get a photo cake. So I ask the bakery if they do them. They said no problem, just bring us the picture.

My pics are all digital, so I asked if I could use a .jpg file. I was told no, I’d need to bring an actual photo.

What do they do then? Why, they scan the photo to make a digital copy. But they can only do it if I bring the picture in.

And no one, it seems, notices anything wrong with this system.

The thing I love about Lean is that it changes your mindset, and gets you to look at the world differently. The problem is you can’t turn it off, and end up struggling to order a cake without trying to re-engineer the whole process.

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