My #HRevolution 2014 Playlist




The HR Social Media family reunion is upon us once again.  Saturday, Dallas will host the annual love-bomb known as HRevolution.  It’s an event I look forward to every year, never comes soon enough, and is over far too quickly.  A couple of years ago, a threw together a playlist based on session titles and topics, inspired by Paul Smith.  We don’t see Paul enough these days (but he is universally loved and missed), so in the spirit of our friend, I thought I’d put together a list for this year.

There are no hidden messages here.  Just tunes that I dig that came to mind.  Since the agenda features fewer overall sessions this year (but, as I’m not presenting, I will assume they will be of higher quality!) I’ve dropped in a couple of tracks for each session.  If you are attending, you can expect to hear this list on loop in the Lay Wine and Scotch Lounge, opening soon in the Dallas area.

(Oh, and if you are in Dallas this weekend and you DON’T have plans to attend?  Still time to fix that.  There are a handful of seats left.  Someone is always sad they didn’t attend.  Don’t be that guy.)

So here are the tracks per session.  The Spotify playlist is right below, if that is your thing.

Franny Oxford – Reality-Based HR

 – Reality Used to be a Friend of Mine – P.M. Dawn

 – I’m Waiting for my Real Life to Begin – Colin Hay

Bill Boorman – Blueprint for Modern Talent Acquisition

 – Building the Perfect Beast – Don Henley

 – Method of Modern Love – Hall and Oates

Lois Melbourne – Sally Can’t Doodle, and It’s Your Fault

 – Sally MacLennane – The Pouges

 – Lay Down Sally – Eric Clapton

Jason Seiden – Beyond Social: The Rise of Workforce Marketing

 – Social Narcotics – MC Serch

 – One Step Beyond – Madness

Frank Zupan and Tammy Colson (or the ZuCo Collective, if you prefer) – Recruiting and HR: Sibling Rivalry or Tribal Warfare?

 – Brothers in Arms – Dire Straits

 – Big Sister’s Clothes – Elvis Costello

Ravi Mikkelsen – Go Home Assessments, You’re Drunk

 – I’m Going Home – Tim Curry (From the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack)

 – Dead, Drunk and Naked – The Drive-By Truckers

Broc Edwards – Bold HR

 – Comfort Eagle – Cake

 – Bold as Love – Jimi Hendrix

William Tincup and Matt Stollak – HR Half-Baked Ideas

 – A Good Idea at the Time – OK Go

 – Brain Stew – Green Day


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