Are You Overworking Recruiting?


All of us over at Dovetail Software are pretty excited to be adding new talent to the team.  So naturally we all like to get in on the act with sharing the job openings with our networks via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vine, Klout, Quora, Yelp, Circle and so on.  I posted up the following on Twitter, just to get things going…


Seems simple enough.  Here’s a job, and here’s how we pay people.  Interested?  Come take a look.

What surprised me, though, was the feedback I received on the post.  Not about the job, but just the post itself.  Both on Twitter and directly, I was told how “inventive” the post was, and how “refreshing” my approach seemed.  I saw it show up in a recruiting Twitter roundup.  It was even stolen borrowed by one of my Dovetail teammates.  Which I did not get at all.  How inventive is it, really, to offer to pay people?  Are we that far down the “candidate experience” rabbit hole that this is forgotten?

So much time and effort goes into landing talent.  I’m not saying it is wasted, but we’ve built up entire companies just for attracting the right people.  Sometimes the process starts with something as simple as letting the target know you are aiming at them.  Instead of spending hours creating a strategy on where to source the candidate, I’ve gotten decent traction with thirty seconds of typing.  Has it landed us the right person?  No idea.  I’m not that involved in the search.  But I do know that those thirty seconds, multiplied by the number of people in your organization, multiplied again by the number of people in their networks, adds up to serious amplification for virtually no cost.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a plan, have a crack recruiter, have a candidate experience program, or have extensive job postings all over the Internet.  All I’m saying is sometimes just a little effort in just the right place can also have a surprising result.


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