The Forgotten Platforms

Combing through my email each morning, I am regularly greeted by LinkedIn Groups messages, bringing me up to speed on the conversations that have taken place over the last day or two.  I like being able to keep up with several groups this way, and see what is happening that may be relevant to my world.  I’ve noticed, though, that there is an ever-increasing amount of noise in these groups that has little or nothing to do with the topic…

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Technology and Interpersonal Relationships

We’ve been hearing for a long time that the Internet, social media and email are causing more distance between people, and relationships are suffering because of it.

This story changed my mind…

Athletes, politicians, celebrities, and even employers are starting to understand that the Internet doesn’t forget.  Ever.  Neither does email.  Or Facebook.  Orwell’s “memory hole” might be a welcome addition to our lives for some, but the reality is that once something is published, emailed or shared, it’s out there.  And you never know when it will come back.

So the safest way to communicate may just be face to face.  That’s the one time we know we are secure, and our secrets and thoughts can be shared without fear of them coming back to haunt us.  Assuming, of course, you are sharing them with the right person. 

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