The Most Important Thing…

…is coffee. I know I could stop there, but let’s explore just a bit.

Coffee gets you started, naturally. It’s the warm fuzzy feeling in a cup.

Coffee is flexible. Black, with cream, with milk, with sugar, with Bailey’s (or so I’ve heard), with sugar free hazelnut flavor, with a pinch of salt (highly underrated)…the styles and methods are numerous. Coffee shines through all of them.

Coffee crosses classes. Blue collar factory workers or CEOs, all can be found with a cup of java to start their day.

Coffee is international. How many of us know our geography based on bean growing regions?

But most importantly, I think, coffee is a connector. Meeting someone in the morning? Bring coffee and start the meeting right. Trying to develop that long secret crush into a relationship? Meeting for coffee is a non-threatening way to do it. Tough decisions to be made at home? Have a seat at the table over a full pot and get to work on it.

We need coffee. Coffee is your friend. Trust the coffee.

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