Safe at Home

For the upcoming edition of the HR Carnival, I’ve challenged the community to write a post on the topic of their choice, but using the title “Safe at Home.”  Wouldn’t be fair if I did put one up myself, would it?

I intended this post to be about baseball.  It’s not.

I wanted to talk about the first time I noticed baseball.  I wanted to talk about seeing Joaquín Andújar being carried off the field following a Ted Simmons line drive to the leg.  I intended to talk about seeing the Milwaukee crowd give the opposing ace a standing ovation as he was carted off, a clear outpouring of support and sportsmanship on the biggest stage of the year, game three the World Series.

But then I broke my own rule.  I read the other posts in this series before writing my own.  It’s ok.  It’s my rule.  I’m allowed to break it, right?

We do this HR Carnival every couple of weeks, and I always enjoy the themed shows.  I’m not sure where the common title idea came from, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.  The response has been terrific, and I can’t wait to share all of these great pieces of writing in one place.  There are first time submissions, posts from people I really respect and love to read, father-son posts, a webcomic, and even a lovely piece of poetry from someone who hasn’t started their blog yet.

I am very taken with the response.  And you have made me change my post.

I look across this pond of ours, this completely open yet somehow exclusive club, and I marvel at the talent and diversity of which it is made.  The social media space for HR is a warm, even safe, place to bring your ideas, speak your mind, and share your vision.  We are of different backgrounds, education, values and experience, yet that makes us stronger in our bonds.  I see events like HRevolution, at the list of names that are coming together for the chance to be together.  We have made friendships with those we have never met.  We seek shelter from the storm in the solace of strangers.  And it couldn’t be more welcoming.

This community is our home.  Within it, we are not only together, protected, wanted and welcomed.  We are safe.

I am proud to be allowed to come home to you all.


  1. Good thought for the carnival – I didn’t participate but I like the idea. Finding the time is hard…

  2. Thanks Dwane:
    I have been thoroughly enjoying a tour around the Carnival – so many talented people.
    Thank you for making it happen.


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