Refrigerator Officer

I’ve decided to lighten up a bit for Fridays, and have started using to generate post titles.  Each post will be matched with the first result from a Google image search.  Should be fun.

Gross, right?

Look, no one wants the job of Fridge Cop.  Moldy sandwiches get tossed along with cottage cheese that arrived as milk, but also with Ted’s Greek yogurt that he just bought yesterday.  And it doesn’t matter how old the food is, when you toss it, someone will protest.

But the bottom line is the gross jobs are the ones that we need done.  And if it were a perfect world, everyone would take care of their own business.  But too many people are willing to turn a blind eye to even their own misdeeds, so we need a little prompting to get things back on track.  Even at the expense of Ted’s yogurt.  Sorry, Ted.

If you are in HR, you’ve likely had this job (or one very similar).  The tough jobs of cleaning the refrigerator, counseling the creepy guy in sales about leering at the receptionist like he just got out of prison, trying to mollify managers who don’t understand why you won’t hire their brother-in-law (despite him not being qualified and you being in the middle of a hiring freeze), and of course snarky bloggers who condemn your chosen profession as less that glamorous.  None of it is much fun, but your work is important.  Don’t forget it.

And, on behalf of those difficult people who wait for you to do the difficult job, thanks.  It’s appreciated.  Except maybe by Ted, but he’ll get over it.

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