Refreshments or Nothing

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This is my new motto when it comes to meetings.

“What should we serve during our strategy session?”

“Refreshments or nothing.”

One of the worst time wasters is the business meeting.  We schedule them in 30 minute increments, and we expand the discussion to fill the time allotted.  Big topic?  Half a day.  Or a full day.  Or a week.  Ten minute meeting?  Never heard of one.

The truth is most of the time you know what is going to be said before you get there.  We just need people in a room to see each other agree so we can execute.  They need no snacks or drinks to do so.  Serve them nothing.

The alternative is a workshop that really does require longer stays.  Refreshments are warranted.  No one wants to deal with a thirsty workshop leader.  Trust me on that one.  A full meal?  Pass.  Give people that time to get some air, some light, answer calls, go for a walk, or even take a nap.  They’ll perform better when they get back.

Two meeting types.  Those with refreshments, those with nothing.  That’s all you need.


  1. I agree. I go an extra step and propose doing away with meetings altogether in “Murder the Meeting” — complete with lots of tips for doing the deed. Here is a link to the article:


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