Recruiting as a New 419 Scam?

We all get emails from time to time from recruiters.  Some are better than others.  This one got my attention, and since I can’t contact them, I’ll share it here…

From: Erica Bestwick


We wanted to contact you at the job search portal, but unfortunately didn’t receive answer from you. Our company has 3 vacancies now for parttime job, every of which guaranties you a good profits. If you are still without a job or have some spare time to earn, let me know your Phone number, Contact details and the most comfortable time to speak to you. Our HR-manager will reply to you with detailed information within 48 hours.

You’re in no doubt to be interested in any of the offers!

Please send a copy of your CV or a laconic resume at: [redacted] please mention,  that we use public mail server to ensure the deliverance of your request.

Please do not answer to this automated mailer but send your resume directly to our specialist at e-mail shown, stay in touch until you are satisfied with your current employment position. Please check your bulk folder.
Cordially yours!
HR Team, A&S Int

Some pretty typical scam indicators.  Bad grammar, yahoo email, non-specific company.  But this is a whole new area of trying to track down personal information.  I worry that people who are on their guard against the latest Nigerian Prince appeal could be sucked into this email pretty quickly.

This is where LinkedIn is very valuable to me.  Any email that flows in get vetted there first.  This particular person doesn’t register.  Anyone know a recruiter that isn’t on LinkedIn?  Me neither.

Keep a sharp eye out, folks.  The bad guys are encroaching on our turf now.  And there’s not much we can do about it.


  1. Wow, that’s scummy! Thanks for letting people know about it, Wayne!

  2. I received nearly the same email from “HR Team, A&S Int”. I found your post after a search for the term. I also tracked down the name that appears in this portion of my message:

    “Please send your CV or a brief resume at: please note, that we use public mail service to guarantee the deliverance of your request.”

    A search for Lisa Alongi’s name returns the page below, though I have to assume it’s possible this person is also a victim of a scam.

    Yeah, I find this technique to be reprehensible, particularly considering how many people are desperately looking for work nowadays. I am trying to find a job myself, and have applied to a few different agencies. One of them is violating information security standards – and that just burns me!

  3. Same solicitation here, slightly altered wording, plausible but still with odd English. (Why are scam e-mails all like that? All foreigners who don’t bother investing in a better xlation for their scams?) Instruction to reply to , which is unusual because scammers usually change names quickly. Are you suggesting Lisa Alongi is itself a stolen name being used for a 2nd-order scam?

    • Don’t know who she is, don’t really care. But glad to see that I’m not the only one who received it, and even more glad to see my post may have been informative for you. Hopefully HR pros are savvy enough to at least google the company before replying.

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