Preview for 2011

I’m not a fan of resolutions, looking back, or talking about my personal goals here.  That’s not why anyone visits.  So instead, I spent some time over the holiday thinking about what I want this year to be, and I how I plan to deliver value through this blog.

These are the areas of emphasis for LeanHR in 2011:

Book Reviews.

I read a lot.  Not always business related.  I’ve been asked to do a couple of book reviews in the last few months, and I really enjoy doing them.  I’d like to do more.  I have three set up already (including one you’ll see here tomorrow).  If you have a book you’ve enjoyed, let me know.  Better yet, if you have a book you’ve written that you’d like to see reviewed/promoted, I’m game.

Industry Updates.

I’ve gotten very involved lately in the growing world of Lean in HR.  There are really good things happening, and I think I need to spend more time talking about it.

Tools You Can Use.

I’ve spent a lot of my adult life building and refining tools.  No need to keep them to myself.

Those are the three big things, which will be folded in with some general shenanigans. I am, of course, open to other suggestions, so please feel free to chime in if you think I’ve missed something important.


  1. Dwane – I’m most excited for #3. Looking forward to seeing what you put out!

    • Thanks, Chris. I really want to try to stretch more this year in development, not just reposting things I’ve already built. I have some simple systematic pieces in mind, and look forward to your feedback on them!

  2. As a tool “collector”, I’m looking forward to seeing what ya got! I think that the best thing I’ve learned in blogging – at least in HR anyway – is that ideas and tools are shared as a matter of course, and we all benefit. You get to give away without any reduction in inventory, and you frequently get back something better when others have had a look.
    Innovation is a beautiful thing – thanks for doing your part.

    • Well said. I agree that it’s better than a zero sum game of I-give-you-get, because when I give, I also get feedback and additional ideas from the rest of the community. Not sharing only deprives you.

      Thanks for being part of the equation as well!


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