Openworld Update #5

Final session of the day was the Oracle HCM Roadmap, promising a look into the future of the application.  And the future looks a whole lot like the present.  Or even the past.

The items they shared were very basic, including online applicant portal and manager self service.  The feature set looks very standard, and at no point did the presenters give us something along the lines of “I know this looks like what everyone else has been doing already, but here’s why ours will be great!”

On a side note, if you are presenting for your company, no matter how big the crowd, be sure you know how the microphone works and what you are going to cover.  The presenters looked ill-prepared at the last session, their demo did not work correctly, and one of them insisted on holding the lapel mic (while waving her arms around, gesturing during her parts).  Hard to watch, little value gained.  We can all do better.

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