Openworld Update #3

Finished up a review of PS Tools 8.5 implementation by Oxfam, a service organization.  They deal with some interesting situations, dealing with a lot of human rights and disaster relief situations.

The presentation boiled down to:

  • Identify business drivers (for them, collaborative applications, interface features)
  • Install test systems
  • Let the technical team and functional team play with it (in an unstructured way)
  • Schedule feedback and discussion sessions with them
  • Prepare demo sessions of new features
  • Give one-on-one demo sessions for key business leaders (not just your stakeholders)
  • Be upfront about cost, risk and timeframes

There was also discussion on the implementation approach, but I won’t review it here.  The lesson I would take from this, though, is that their successful implementation (or expected success, I suppose, as they don’t go live until this weekend) is built around creating pull.  Pull from the technical team, pull from the business needs, pull from leadership.  A lesson that can be applied to almost every project you touch.

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