OK and LA SHRM Reflections

I was privileged to appear at both of these state events in the last week. In Oklahoma, I was asked to lead a two day workshop on Six Sigma for HR. We had great fun, I think, despite the expectation many of the attendees expressed later in the program. No, it’s not always a glamorous topic. But with an open mind and a little bit of energy, you make make anything palatable, right?

Louisiana was a different role and a different challenge. I served as master of ceremonies, as well as presenting on my very favorite topic, Lean HR. New Orleans requires you to be on point at all times, as there are may be those in the audience who sampled the nightlife and are a bit sluggish at times. While I honestly didn’t encounter much of that (Louisianians are a hearty bunch, I imagine), it is always in your mind.

in the end, the challenge for the speaker is the same. Overcome preconceived notions, both of the audience and your own, and focus to deliver a great experience. Not much different than everyday life in HR, I suppose. You go into each experience, each challenge with your eyes open and do your best to deliver a great performance. And, if you are lucky, you’ll be rewarded with engaged listeners/coworkers/employees.

Both stops delivered more than I expected in quality, kindness, attentiveness and feedback. I’m proud to have worked with them, and would return in a heartbeat.


  1. Dwane you did a great job – both on and off the stage. Great to be around you for a couple of days and I’m sure the group in LA loved having you as well. And again – thanks for the swag video. You should rent yourself out for every event where swag is present!

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