Obama appoints “Chief Performance Officer”

In the interest of keeping politics at a minimum, I won’t ask people’s opinions of the incoming administration (or outgoing, for that matter, though civil discussion is always welcome), I thought this new post was interesting enough to mention.  From Yahoo! News…

President-elect Barack Obama…named on Wednesday a former Treasury official as the first U.S. “chief performance officer” to oversee budget and spending reform.

“We can no longer afford to sustain the old ways when we know there are new and more efficient ways of getting the job done…Even in good times, Washington can’t afford to continue these bad practices. In bad times, it’s absolutely imperative that Washington stop them,” Obama said.

Obama has repeatedly promised that his administration will go “line by line” over its budgets — a task that will now fall to Killefer and Obama’s nominee to as White House budget chief Peter Orszag.

I thought it interesting to see a high level position specifically designed to make the entire system work better, though it sounds more like a finance watchdog than a Lean practitioner position.  With all the waste that the new administration expects to find, let’s hope they engage a few people who know how to clear it out and streamline the system.  That would get us past removing deadwood and start the country down it’s own Lean transformation.

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