My First Job In HR

As I’ve mentioned, I was well into my career before I moved into HR.  My first job in the function was to fire my old boss.  Well, walk him out of the building, anyway.  We didn’t have a great relationship, but I hated every moment of it.

I was the only male in on the team that dealt with “generalist” work, so I got the job of walking people out.  And I did it more than I like to admit.  Some of them were friends (or they were before that moment, anyway.)  I caught a lot of grief for it, not all the good-spirited kind.

I don’t deal with that anymore, and I work on projects that result in people being walked out sometimes.  I can rationalize it, logically understand how it’s best for the company, and look at things holistically.  But it’s still the least favorite part of my job.  I know that when I stop dreading the walk-out, either one by one or by groups, it will be time to leave HR.


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