Missed Opportunities

The new Tron: Legacy film arrives in less than a month.  Having grown up with the original, and having spent my formative years in arcades, I am very excited about it.  There is a young man in my life that also loves video games, and delights when we spend time together playing.  I am looking forward to sharing the film with him.

The problem is that he hasn’t seen the original.  And who wants to watch a series of films out of order.  Not counting George Lucas, I mean.

Sure, I can pick up a copy on eBay or Amazon for $50 or more.  But nothing out of Netflix or iTunes.  Why would Disney let such a great opportunity go by?  Apparently they are concerned that the outdated look of the old film might scare people away from the new.  Of course, we love the look of the old film.  It comforts us with memories of days gone by.  They are nothing to be ashamed of.

Too often we try to shuffle away the past because it doesn’t live up to the future.  But the past is what prepares us for everything that comes next.  Be it a film, your job, your childhood, or your mistakes.  They all are what make us what we are and what we will be.  We all have things in our history that we would do differently, or just do.  We all have regrets, at least a few.  (But then again, too few to mention.  You got that, right?)  They aren’t just ok, they are critical to personal and professional development.

Disney shouldn’t hide from your past, and neither should you.


  1. i’m about five years too young to have appreciated TRON. that being said, imma see the new one because the spooky/young Jeff Bridges is awesome.

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