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For reasons I’ll explain in a moment, I’ve added a Facebook page for the LeanHRBlog, not to mention a Twitter account.  Part of it is a desire to spread the gospel, part is a recognition that I’d like to keep my identity tightly tied but not handcuffed to the blog.  But there are some other really good reasons as well.

Internet Domination

Someone told me (and I confirmed, of course) that this blog is the first result if you search for “Lean HR” on the Google.  I see the field growing, which personally I find very exciting, but that also means there are more opportunities to reach people as the circle expands.  Having a couple of additional touchpoints only helps.

Cyber Squatting

Even if I’m not going to use them (and I do plan to use them), these spaces are ripe for someone else to walk in a pick up your brand equity if you aren’t careful.  No need to leave it lying about.

Ensuring I Am In Good Graces With the Zuck

Facebook is making a serious run at Google.  It’s fun to watch for a recovering geek.  Maybe there is room at the top for both, but I think there will come a tipping point where one (and my guess is Facebook) becomes the preferred landing spot.  It’s like your own, personalized Internet.  The real or quasigeeks will still roam freely, but I suspect there is a large population of light users who may very rarely leave the blue and white confines.

The Facebook page (which you can find here) and the Twitter page (@LeanHR) will both be used almost exclusively for promoting the blog, tools, books, speaking engagements and the like, without cluttering it up with my personal nonsense.  I’m planning to focus on more valuable content (as opposed to my occasional yammering) this year, so please stay tuned!


  1. Over-achiever! lol

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