LASHRM 2012 Swag Blog!

It’s here, it’s hip, it’s new and it’s now!  Swag blog for the fantastic LASHRM 2012 State Conference.  Special guests (in order of appearance): Shauna Moerke, Buzz Rooney, Craig Fisher, Chris Ponder, Bill Boorman and Jason Lauritsen!


  1. Classic!!! Love it.

  2. That bit of Boorman swag looks super expensive…

    Do you have to tie it to a tree in the backyard when you bring it home or can you just pack it away and drop it off at Goodwill?

    • Pricey, yes, but worth it. You personal Bill Boorman does require sunshine, beer and chicken wings to grow properly. If you can’t provide those things, check with your local BBHS (Bill Boorman Humane Society) about help with foster adoptions.

      Goodwill does NOT accept Bill Boormans due to high levels of toxicity, much like an old CRT monitor. Some people have taken to dropping them off in front of Goodwill when no one is looking, but I think we owe it to the planet to be more responsible than that.

  3. Fab as always! I approve.

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