Is LinkedIn Finally Getting In The Game?


If you’ve followed LinkedIn at all, that’s a bit of a silly question.  Just check their IPO results.  They are in the game.  Or some facet of it, anyway.

But it has always felt like they were missing the boat, to me anyway.  I spent the time to build up my profile so that anyone who wants to know about me has a place to go.  And yet I still have to keep that data in CV or resume format as well.  The Lean practitioner in me weeps when I think about that kind of waste.

At the 2010 HR Technology Conference, I asked the good people at the LinkedIn booth specifically about this issue.  “Hey, you may not have all the answers, but what a rich opportunity for you.  So what are you going to do about it?”  Their answer was along the lines of “yes, we know, and you’ll see something great Q1 2011.”  That didn’t exactly happen.

Now, just a couple of months late, comes this news…

LinkedIn is preparing to launch a plug-in for employers’ websites called “Apply With LinkedIn” that will allow job candidates to apply for available positions using their LinkedIn profiles as resumes. The feature indicates LinkedIn’s increasing focus on making money by facilitating employee recruitment and hiring.

Hat tip to Gigaom.  Click through for more details.  Including the bit where LinkedIn denies the news.

Already the speculation is swirling about the impact.  What’s the impact look like?


This wouldn’t eliminate them, but it would likely cause quite a divide between those who use LinkedIn and those that don’t.  Think back, if you can, to the days you could see which candidates had access to a computer for their resumes and which ones photocopied one done on a typewriter.  Or were hand written.  *shudder*  You think the have-nots were judged for that?  Of course they were.  Try being taken seriously for an upper level position when you have nothing to give them but a fresh mimeograph.  Pass.

Resume Consultants

What happens to the people who make their living making you look good?  Those who are already polishing your online presence alongside your paper persona will be fine.  Those who don’t?  Well, they weren’t likely to stick around a who lot longer anyway.  Evolve or perish, folks.

Job Boards (Monster, Career Builder, The Ladders, etc.)

The demise of the job board has been the subject of much wailing and gnashing of teeth for some time now, but the idea that a LinkedIn button will kill them is, I think, a bit silly.  The obstacle for most applicants has not been how to apply, but in finding the job and getting someone to notice you.  This may increase the number of jobs to which someone applies by reducing the effort, but that would inflate activity, not depress it.  All told, this may be a boon for those job boards that jump on early.  Regardless of what Fast Company thinks.


Standard formats?  Links to companies built in?  Online references?  Pinch me.  I’m wondering how these folks have yet to storm the gates and demand this functionality.  For crying out loud, they’ve been getting in through X-ray anyway.  (If you don’t know, go ask Glen Cathey.  He does.  And he’s willing to share what he knows.)

LinkedIn Shareholders

New to the party.  They should greet this news with a resounding “Bank That!”

Who Did I Leave Out?

Those are the big ones, I think.  Did I forget someone?

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