Is It OK To Complain About Work Yet?

I’m all for sensitivity, but we are stuck in an odd situation here, and someone needs to say something about it.  So that’s the question I’d like to discuss.  Is it OK to complain about work yet?

Despite the ongoing economic recovery, any job report will confirm we still have millions out of work, many of them falling into the category of long term unemployed.  And, as HR professionals, we want to be sensitive, caring people.  So we try real hard not to complain about our jobs, lest we hear “hey, be glad you have a job!”

Yes, of course we are thankful to be able to provide for our families, especially in trying times.  Yes, of course we want to avoid pooping in someone else’s Cheerios by complaining about something they don’t have.  But that said, complaining about work is cathartic.  It is what brings us together.  It makes us part of a larger group.  Shared misery brings people together.

There’s a need for sensitivity, of course.  But there is also a need to recognize that you can be grateful for your job and still have a complaint.  And as any good therapist will tell you, you’ve got to talk it out.  Vocalization helps.

So consider this your official notice and invitation.  Hate your job?  There’s a support group for that.  It’s called everyone.  We meet at the bar.

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