Are You Scared?

You may remember that I’m a fan of Peter Krause from his SportsNight days.  So I’ve been watching his new show, Parenthood.  (It’s not great, but better than most of what fills up prime time lineups these days.)  So, short version, there was a nice scene in a recent episode where a younger member of the family is given a shot at a bigger, better job than she has, and her response was, “I’m scared.”

I’m scared.  How honest is that?

A big step up in responsibility, and a family member’s expectations come with it.  Ever hired someone referred by a family member already on your team?  Were they scared?  Probably.  In a lot of ways.

Being scared brings energy to the party, and if channeled correctly can help you get in gear quickly.  The first step to doing that, though, is admitting the fear and embracing it.

The same goes for those who are getting a promotion, a new project, a big presentation or a new boss.  It’s ok to be scared.  It can even be a good thing.  But you have to be honest with yourself about it if you want the benefits.

Ever been scared?  Every had it been the key to success?


  1. Sometimes fear can be what drives you to greater things. Other times you have no choice and fear is not an option.

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