I’m Not Saying It’s Your Fault, But I Am Going To Blame You

For this edition of the HR Carnival, Matt Stollak has asked us to think about posts that have inspired us from other bloggers.  I love to spread the blame around, so I’m happy to jump on this one.

When I think about being inspired by blogs, I don’t think about particular posts.  I think about two people.

Trish McFarlane.

Paul Smith.

And it all happened at HR Tech 2010.

I was new to the Twitters, and had just started paying attention to the blog.  Knowing no one in the social media world, I thought it very cool that there was someone else from St. Louis that I could read.  I wandered through the opening reception in Chicago, checking the nametags of all the ladies, hoping to catch one I recognized.  (NOT a great way to make an impression.  Place that nametag a little higher, ladies!)

After, I felt the need to let the Twitters know that I had not seen Trish.  Sad face.  But not ten minutes later, she responded back with a note to join her and Steve Boese for an evening beverage.  After trying to match the faces in the bar to the faces on the people, I figured out who was who and settled in for real life networking.

The next day I was delighted to meet Paul for the first time.  Paul had been very supportive of my writing (as sparse as it was at that point), and was quick to welcome me to the blogging community and make me feel welcome in the circle.  Thanks to him, I spent HR Tech among friends, not strangers.  He is one of the most genuine and supportive people I’ve had the privilege to meet, and I find myself counting the days until I see them next.

So what posts inspired me?

I went back to the first posts on their blogs I could find where I commented.  I’m not saying my comments were all the witty or important, but any post that gets someone new in the space to add their voice is, to me, an important one.

HR Ringleader: I’m Engaged at Work, Are You?

Welcome to the Occupation: License to HR

So if you are looking to blame anyone for me hanging around at HRevolution this weekend, these two are a good place to start.  They aren’t the whole list, of course.  Shauna, April, Mike, Mark, Meg, Eric, John, Charee, Laurie, Steve, Lisa, and a ton of others became part of my world in a hurry.  So you are all at fault too, I guess.



  1. Dwane-You’re not the only one counting down the days. Thanks for all the kind words. I gladly take the blame.

  2. Happy to take the blame as well and it was fantastic to see you. Oh, now that I am the artist formally known as @pdxmikek it would be lovely if you would change the link on my name to @mikekrupa. Big Hug.

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