ILSHRM11 Day 2: China Gorman


Opening keynote today was friend of the show China Gorman.  Fantastic overview of what is happening in the business and HR world.  Things like:

  • 9.2% unemployment rate, but 52% of employers can’t find people to fill their jobs.
  • HR leaders in the room are smart, know business, know the world, and have access to their CEO.
  • HR is like a busted flash mob.  They know all the moves, but they may not be in time with the other leaders.

Great session, a lot of metrics and data in our discussions.  She is the kind of leader we need in HR, and I am proud to know her.

By the way, no discussions of tables were allowed.


  1. Thanks, Dwane. Glad you liked it. And thanks for the positive thoughts about the technology. It worked! 🙂

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