HRevolution Speaker Playlist

OK, I know I snuck in with a playlist for the event before it happened, but this is the playlist I really wanted to build.  So many of these songs pop in my head when I think of these folks and/or their topics, and I have to share them. Subscribers may need to click through for the Grooveshark playlist widget.

So here’s the list of speakers/session titles, the songs, and then a special little bonus at the end…

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. You got to be there if you want to play, yo.

Social Network Analysis – Josh LeTourneau: My Poor Brain – The dude is so smart, he makes my head hurt.  I dig that.

If HR is so bad, what are you DOING about it? – Steve Browne: Mr. Nice Guy -> I never really feared a parking lot curb stomp from him.  Mostly.

If HR is so bad, what are you DOING about it? – Jason Lauritsen: The Fixer -> Not content to just see things are broken.  I love people who chase answers.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the Workplace – Kevin Grossman: Sweet Emotion -> EQ is still poorly understood by many.  Kevin’s attempt to shed some light is noble.

Pop Culture, Politics, and HR – Laurie Ruettimann: Mystery Girl -> No, she’s not.  But still, I think of her when I hear it.

Pop Culture, Politics, and HR – Matt Stollak: AKA Driver -> The man behind AKABruno comes from behind the curtain again, and is as delightful as everyone suspects.

Diversity and Inclusion- Innovation in the 21st Century- Joe Gerstandt: Clean Getaway -> A song about clearing your head and flying your freak flag.  Tell me that doesn’t work.

Virtual Management – Eric Winegardner: Big Love -> I don’t know anyone with a deeper reserve of energy and positive vibes, and he’s generous with them both.

Connecting in a Non-creepy Way – Shauna Moerke: Minion Mambo -> $10 says she giggles all the way through the song.

Connecting in a Non-creepy Way – Dwane Lay: Creep -> Yes, I get a song, too.  Mostly as the “don’t do that” example.

Recruiting: Cool Tools and More – Craig Fisher: Sonnet of a Media Mogul -> Inspired by the Saturday evening private coaching session he provided on social media.

Six Thinking Hats – Suzanne Rumsey: Sweet Little Hats -> REALLY tempted to pull out Safety Dance here, but this classy jazz just seems to fit better.

Wellness Doesn’t Suck – Tanya Barham: Sickness -> An ironic choice, I guess, but who doesn’t love a little Iggy Pop?

The HR Slam – Mary Ellen Slayter: Bad News and Bad Breaks -> That taco stand had it rough.  And our news maven filled us in on their bad breaks with style.

The HR Slam – Charlie Judy: Rich Man in a Fishbowl -> Smooth, smart, and possessing an embarrassment of respect from his peers, he’s a rich man indeed.

Designing for Influence – Paul Hebert: Easily Influenced -> OK, it may not be easy, but we can dream, right?

Linking Culture, Brand, and Revenue – Nate DaPore: Pulp Culture -> Full disclosure, I really dig Thomas Dolby and jumped at the chance to get him on the list.  I dig Nate, too.

How do I get there from here? – Paul Smith: One Good Man -> Like Janice said, it ain’t much.  Only everything.

How do I get there from here? – China Gorman: Digging to China -> Because we all dig her so.  And I swore no Bowie.

The Great Performance Debate – Mike Carden: Tomorrow Comes Today -> A little tribute to his homeland being so far away, but mostly because he’s as smooth as the song.

The Great Performance Debate – William Tincup: A Watcher’s Point of View -> William always strikes me as exceptionally perceptive, and his point of view is a little different than most.  And that’s awesome.

Finally, a few for those who made it happen for all of us…

Steve Boese: He Got Game -> I dare you to dispute that fact.

Crystal Peterson: Won’t Let You Down -> She deserves every bit of praise for getting us a temp home.

Ben Eubanks: Mansion on the Hill -> There’s a big future for this upstart.  Much respect.

Trish McFarlane: Love is a Battlefield -> There’s no doubt she’s got some love for this community.

Now get to grooving…



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS…Ok, so Love is a Battlefield is appropriate for me. 🙂
    Seriously, how cool to have a playlist. I’m going to listen to it all day at work today. My fave….Josh paired with the Foo. Brilliant!!

    • I really wanted to go with “Bloodshot Eyes” by Pat Benetar in honor of the long hours (and your known penchant for her tunes) but it just didn’t work as well. If you haven’t listened to her blues album, though, you are missing out.

      Glad it pleases you.

  2. So good because I do come from cellblock 3.

  3. Love. It. 🙂

  4. Of course I got game. Scrabble, Stratego, you name it.

    Really fun post – thanks Dwane.

  5. So great to finally meet you and get to know you. Fun post!


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