HRevolution 2011 Playlist

There was a call for a playlist for our upcoming time in Atlanta.  (You’re going, right?  Of course you are.)  I begged and pleaded to be allowed to help with it.  So I present to you my “unofficial” playlist with some thoughts below…

Or, if you are the iTunes type and want to lay down your hard earned money for the tunes, you can get to them here. (The Grooveshark list is slightly different due to song availability. But the price is right.)

My thought was to take us through the time, starting with some opening riffs (Does it get more classic than the Beatles tune? Is it wrong I kinda like the Stereophonic version better?), getting into the sessions (“We’re Going to be Friends,” Jack Johnson instead of Jack White; “Our Time“; “Do I Have Your Attention?“), moving on to the social networking part of the program (“Shaking the Tree“, which is admittedly a callout to an old post of mine; “Having a Blast“; “Fiesta” and so forth) through to departure (“On My Way Back Home“), recollection (“Georgia On My Mind” which, I’m sure, you knew would make the list) and finally a “Thank You” for our hosts (Ben Eubanks, Crystal Peterson, Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane).

I won’t pretend to be a mixologist of the caliber of Paul Smith, but I hope you enjoy my contribution to the show.  See you in Atlanta!


  1. To paraphrase famed documentarian Marty DiBergi, I think you’ve “captured the… the sights, the sounds… the smells” of HREvolution. This is truly an excellent playlist.

  2. Dwane – Sweet list !! Not only eclectic but intentionally non-mainstream. Love it. Well played, sir. Well played.

    • Thanks much, Steve. I’m thinking of adding a list specifically for the presenters, but I don’t know them all. Have to work on that one.


  1. […] I know I snuck in with a playlist for the event before it happened, but this is the playlist I really wanted to build.  So many of these songs pop […]

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