HR Tech Conference Update #3

Winding up day 2 with the new technology showcase. Some of the highlights:
LinkedIn is talking every day about where they belong in the ATS
world. Expect something good first part of next year.
There are plenty of data companies here talking org charts and
analytics. Great movement in the space, but pay attention. There are
some bad interfaces, as well as good interfaces on bad systems. If you
are playing in the space, ask tough question and talk to their
Interactive, slick UIs are everywhere. But as Jason Averbook of
Knowledge Infusion pointed out this morning, remember that the users
of our systems have changes. Formerly just for HR, we now need to
build for all EEs. Keep it in mind.
If you blog, make sure you fed the full post. Short posts make people
mad. Apparently.
Twitter. Might be useful, at the very least can be entertaining.
Also, apparently, there are people actually reading this. I’ve heard
about the tight knit group, and how hard it can be to break in and get
accepted. I’ll write more on this later, but the short version is this
community is full of smart, fun people awfully willing to welcome new
voices. So thanks.


  1. Dwane, it was good to meet you. Glad you fell in the the bad crowd.


  2. I dont get the hard to break in comments. I never saw the bubble when I started blogging and tweeting. The online community is a very accepting, open, and friendly group. You just have to be willing to be the butt of the joke sometimes 🙂 Right new guy?


  1. […] to the tweetups, stop people in the hallway if you recognize them, come to dinner if invited. Ask Dwane Lay how it easy it was.  Bryon Abaramowitz went from new blogger to panelist in under one year. No […]

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