HR Tech Conference 2011 Swag Blog

You knew it was coming, right?



  1. This is awesome – Paul, love the t-shirts! Hope you both had fun in Vegas!

  2. Very, very clever. Thanks for the laughs…and very cool ref to Penn and Teller. Nice.

  3. I will take the floaty key chain!

  4. Omg I love it! You had this great Penn & Teller thing going on. You two are way too funny! 🙂

  5. Nice outfit Dwane. Sorry your $500 shoes got ruined by the red paste!

  6. This is genius. You guys rock. I want that floatie key chain for my boat.
    Very well done. Great to see you. Hope you can make it to TNL in Chicago on 12/5. Cheers, CF

  7. just when I think I couldn’t love you guys any more…
    Laughing out loud on the plane!

  8. Brilliant!

  9. Paul Smith walks in the shoes of other deadpan comedians like Buster Keaton, Charlie Chapin, and Stan Laurel. Great work, guys.

  10. Hilarious!

    Perhaps the vendors can offer “free hugs” next year as giveaways? That might get some positive reviews. Just an idea…

  11. Brilliant! I especially love when PS rips the “Hell Yeah” shirt off himself and Dwane, getting PS to drink that stuff while you didn’t was great! Keep the great videos coming!!

  12. Truly funny guys. There is so much crap out there on the expo hall floors these days …


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