HR Tech Conf Update #4 – Final Thoughts

Three and a half days surrounded by really smart, creative and
challenging people will do wonders for your outlook. Throughout the
week, I’ve been inspired to take a fresh look at some of the work I’ve
been doing, think about the challenges and changes to come over the
next few years, and spend a bit more time contemplating the customer
side of my projects. It has been a great experience, and I send my
thanks and congratulations to those who made it possible through
either their hard work, their attendance or both.
So, and process types are sometimes known to do, I started making a
list of to do items for the next few weeks.
1) Move this fledgling personal ego portal to a more effective tool/url.
2) Invest in some personal branding. Just cards now, but maybe someday
I’ll have a booth and pretend to give away an iPad.
3) Prep for upcoming international work by doing a quick culture
review, and plot out a workflow that is more user focused.
4) Rebuild my Lean HR presentation deck for non-execs so it can be
ready to deploy as needed.
5) Get my arms around all the other personal side projects, especially
the really important one, and get moving on it.
Thanks again to everryone who made this week the sweet tasty sausage
that it is.


  1. So great to meet you at the conference and help usher you in as the new guy. Apparently we were on an accelerated time frame since you become the old new guy by the end of the conference. LOL. Keep up all the good work including the personal brand you are creating and let me know when the cards are ready.

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