HR Tech Conf – Update #2

Morning session gone, with a few good notes…

The opening keynote was good, but relied on some outdated sources for her presentation.  Instead of telling us what BestBuy did 2 years ago, why not tell us what they did then and how it has changed the company or evolved over time?  Seems like a missed opportunity to me.

Sat in on the CedarCrestone survey.  If you aren’t helping get it filled in, you should.  The data is great.  Some interesting correlations between automation and use of HR Tech and org performance.  No true causation proven yet, but going in the right direction.  A lot of focus on statistics makes the data guy in me smile.  Some of the more interesting ones can be found on my Twitter stream from the session (!/DwaneLay). 

More updates this afternoon, battery life willing…

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