HR Tech Conf – Update #1

Two hours of networking in the books.  Had initial conversation with some vendors around the impact of Fusion on the HR Tech arena.  

The response I’ve gotten so far is:

  1. It’s Oracle, so you aren’t likely to get what you expect.  (Means nothing to me.  I’m not likely to see it implemented in the next year or two, so plenty of time to work out the bugs.)
  2. It’s more complicated on the back end then you think as a user.  (I don’t care how the sausage is made, I just want sweet tasty sausage.)
  3. We don’t service companies that would spend that much money.  We’re “mid-market”, so we’re fine, thanks.  (Sounds like a whole lot of denial.)
  4. We want to help our customers experience less pain when it comes to integrations, but we aren’t that good at it.  We’re looking for a partner to help us with that.  (Pulls another party into the fray, but a better response than the first three.)
No good answers yet, but this was a culmination of conversation snippets.  The real discussions start tomorrow.
My free idea of the day for ATS vendors:  Instead of asking me to upload a word resume, which you’ve either already seen or will see soon, let me link you to my LinkedIn profile.  You’ll get the same information, plus you can pull in my online referrals and see what those people are up to.  I gave this idea to a couple of vendors tonight, so only fair to share it here.  (One told me they were trying to work out a deal with LinkedIn to populate their database instead of trolling for matches.  Should be an interesting development to watch.)


  1. Thanks for sharing the linkedin idea. Another area where linked in will get interesting is when individuals jobs change and somebody gets to aggregate the data at a company level possibly providing the world with first crowd sourced attrition data. Sure there will be corporate resistance but it raises the question again of who the right to post and control what on linked in.


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