How Fun Was The SOPA Blackout?

The answer:  Great fun indeed.

Oh sure, I couldn’t read Dinorsaur Comics for a while.  Or XKCD.  Or Cyanide and Happiness (that one’s a little NSFW, justsoyaknow).  But other than my webcomic needs, my favorite Firefox add-in (Morning Coffee, in case you didn’t know) functioned just fine, thanks for asking.  In fact, it was kinda fun.

Yes, the bill in its current state was killed before the protest.  Just ask Sarah White..

SOPA - it's over, was pulled yesterday - why are we protesting it still #watchnews
Sarah White

I still had the joy of referring to my one-man wiki for information.

We saw geeks rise up against their overlord masters.  (I count myself in their ranks, or at least as a sympathizer.)

I heard from MC Hammer for the first time in years.

And, in what might be the best stats of the day, 8 million people looked up info on their congressman from the blacked out Wikipedia page.  (They could have just asked Victorio, though.)

That’s a good day, folks.  People getting engaged, getting educated, taking a stand, speaking their mind.  All over something that hasn’t yet happened and might not.  And doing it peacefully.  I’m proud of you kids.

Now get back to Facebooking me.  I don’t want my Klout score to drop.

Go Internets!

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