How Committed Are You to Learning?

Not too long ago, I was blessed with the chance to share my passion with the good people attending the HR Florida State Conference & Expo.  I have a lot to say about processes and strategy in HR, so I was more than a little excited about the opportunity.  Then a funny thing happened.

I was asked to present twice.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an attention whore.  I’ll talk to anyone who will stand still for five seconds.  Maybe less.  Maybe even if they aren’t standing still.  But twice?  Yes, of course, I said.  Always happy to be a team player.  So instead of just presenting on Lean HR, I get the pleasure of presenting AGAIN with Shauna Moerke, aka The HR Minion, on making connections through social media.  Shauna is one of my all-time favorite co-conspirators co-presenters, so I was more than a little excited about this news.  Then I heard about the time slot.

Seven in the morning.  On Wednesday.  Ouch.

I’m a morning person, generally speaking, but that’s a pretty early schedule, especially on eastern time for a mid-western kid.  But what’s crazy is the number of people who have warned me the room will be packed.  Like “standing room only” packed.  Always is, apparently.

The typical attendee, I have been told, is an early riser who expects to wring every drop of learning they can from this event.  There are no off-sessions.  There are no easy time slots.  You, as a presenter, better bring your A game, because it will be expected.  (As it should be, I might add.) 

If I was excited before I heard that, I am giddy about it now.

The only thing better than speaking to a big crowd is speaking to an engaged crowd.  I expect to see a lot of bright shining faces with inquisitive eyes in Orlando, and I fully expect our Wednesday morning session will be a rollicking, interactive good time.  And I hope that, if you are in attendance, that we will see you there!  If you aren’t attending, but would like to, it’s not too late!  You can still register on-line!

So how committed are you to learning?  Do you attend conferences?  Do you skip the early sessions?  Or are you the type that would pack that room and get your money’s worth?


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