Hot Dog Lasagna

…and potato chip fudge.


For years, I grew up knowing that a member of my family made the best peach cobbler on the planet.  This wasn’t a topic of discussion, nor was it something politely said in her presence.  It was FACT.  Done and done.

Years later, a family cookbook was produced, and it included whatever each member of the family chose to contribute.  The peach cobbler recipe was included, as were these other classics.  Hot Dog Lasagna is essentially a package of meat tubes, individually wrapped in noodles, covered in sauce.  I think.  I couldn’t bring myself to read the whole thing.  When I opened the book to the fudge recipe, it burst into flames, so I don’t have much to share on that topic either.

Despite those crimes against nature, one thing remains true. I’ve never had a peach cobbler that stood up to here.  And I’ve had a lot of peach cobbler in my days.

Everyone has their sweet spot.  Everyone has something they do well, and a litany of things that fall in the “opportunity” category.  But just because your first turn at running a department turned out to be potato chip fudge doesn’t mean your ability to dissect information quickly isn’t top notch cobbler.  Trust in your strengths.  They brought you to where you are.  But think about the areas where you haven’t developed, either from neglect or lack of opportunity.  Focus on them, build on them, and give them the attention they need.  Pretty soon, you’ll make cobbler from hot dogs and fudge.

(Wow. That metaphor really fell apart at the end.  I’ll have to work on that.)


  1. Dwane, you are a great story teller but wow… you gotta work on that closing my friend!

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