Heroes Among Us (Part 2)

Today’s hero is one of the greats.  The Flash.

The Flash

The fastest man alive.

The short version:

  • Barry Allen, police scientist, fastest man alive.  Was, anyway.  Died saving the universe.
  • Very smart, very dull.  A scientist to the core.
  • Despite being able to run at near light speed, was always late.

By always late, I mean always.  Never made it to dinner on time, missed meetings, forgot birthdays, and struggled at times to hold his personal life together because of it.  None of it was due to lack of caring, as he was a model husband and employee when he was there.

This should be an easy one to see in your office.  Who’s the busiest person on your team?  Not the most productive, or he best worker, but the busiest.  In this case, let’s equate motion with work (not always the case, of course).  Who is the one on your team that is in constant motion?  That’s your Flash.

The problem is The Flash was not terribly efficient.  Sure, lots and lots of motion, but at the end of the day, he wasn’t where he wanted or needed to be far to often.  Your Flash is like that, too.  Lots of motion, but always behind.  Plenty of energy and “discretionary effort,” but misses deadlines, shows up a bit tardy for meetings, doesn’t always come to an event after sending the RSPV.  Just too busy.

How do we help them?  I would say no one on your team would benefit more from Lean Six Sigma.  Teach them how to pull a process apart, eliminate the waste and rebuild it.  Teach them the difference between motion and progress.  Teach them how to get that big ball of energy heading in the right direction.  Once that is accomplished, these are the people who can make the biggest difference in your organization.  Heck, they might even save the universe.


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