Guest Post – Safe at Home

As part of the HR Carnival fun, I am pleased to present a guest post from Tamkara Adun.  While her blog is not yet up, she wanted to be part of the experience this time around, and I am of course willing to let her crash here for a day.  I’ll keep any other comments in reserve until the Carnival is up.  Enjoy!



Safe at home, warm and nurtured, well and thriving…..

My dreams and aspirations.

Like a new born baby nestled in his mother’s arms, they lie snug and protected by my inner resolve and sheer determination.

My ideas rest untouched, unscathed by external stimuli

I guard them closely. They are mine to be recalled a million times, every second of every day.

I feed them constantly with juicy articles and fine wine. A healthy dose low calorie tweets and blogilicious nuggets of wisdom from various social media sources!

I am not totally out of the woods just yet but through it all, I have kept them safe.

Safely hidden in my mind to be constantly reviewed, evaluated and updated……Just waiting to be launched.

Yes my plans are out of harm’s way ….safe and secure at home.

But what really is Safe?  The Adjective “safe” begs the question …. from what??

The answer would be, from the disappointments that may lurk, from cynicism, self doubt and from the second guessing of me by myself.

It has been said by some, that Home is where the heart is.

It must be true then, cos my dreams are safe at home, in my heart.


Tamkara Adun

*Fairly new word: Blogilicious: A stimulating blog, guaranteed to motivate and inspire.


  1. Hi Tamkara:
    Having fun at the Carnival? Your post brings such feelings of warmth and peace, every time I read it. It is really excellent.

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