Globalizing Processes and Documents

We are near the end of a two week swing through France and the UK, reviewing processes and documents for regionalization.  There is no question this work needed to be done, and we have learned much.

The biggest learning, though, hasn’t been about the regional needs for process changes.  It has been about the number of changes and improvements to our prime documents that were identified just by reviewing the process with global teams.  They ask not only great questions, but different questions that the ones we get in the US.  And different from each other, as well.  Some are purely terminology (“hourly” vs. “blue collar” vs. “non-exempt”).  Some are technical (creating org charts in Visio from an Excel report).  Some are common sense (“Why would you do that?  It makes a lot more sense to do this instead.”)

None of these are Earth-shattering concepts or insights.  But many are new, despite months of review in the US.  There is really no substitute for getting the team around a table for a week.

Any great success stories from working through your global teams?

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