Fast Cheeses

To keep things a bit more fun for Fridays, and have started using to generate post titles.  Each post will be matched with a picture from a Google image search.  Should be fun.

Remember the hoopla around the book “Who Moved My Cheese?”  It’s about change in the workplace.  As I recall, the story talks about the mouse that keeps showing up in the same spot in the maze, sad to see the the cheese that used to be there is no longer offered.  Another mouse moves on and finds more cheese.  Or something like that.

I’ve never been a big fan of the book (and my memory of it may not be spot on).  I got a different message than the intended one, I think.  The message I got was “if the reward isn’t there when you expect it, no need to persevere.  Pack your things and hit the road, maybe you’ll find cheese elsewhere.”

No root cause analysis?  No process used to figure out where the cheese went?  No self reliance and learning of how to make cheese?  What kind of story is that?

These days, though, there seem to be more people chasing the cheese, and the cheese is getting faster and harder to find.  We search constantly for new ways of finding fulfillment in our work or personal life, never being satisfied with what we have.  I’m sure there has been enough written in the “just be glad you have a job!” space.  Knowing there are almost 10% of our peers unemployed doesn’t always help.  If you look back at Maslow’s hierarchy, you’ll see what we are after, step by step.  People don’t generally stop at level one.  Instead, we keep running up the side of the pyramid after the cheese, which isn’t looking back.

You’ll never reach the goal through pursuit.  The path to happiness in understanding that cheese is everywhere.  The fastest cheese isn’t necessarily the best.

Sometimes the best cheese is the one waiting patiently for you to notice it.

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