Driverless Cars

No, they aren’t coming. They are already here. Thanks again, Google!

How did this happen without us noticing? How did it fly under the radar for so long. Why weren’t we invited to conference calls, coffee sessions, brown bag lunch-and-learns, town hall meetings, fireside chats, webcasts, status updates or project reviews? Where was the change management?!?!?!

When it comes to culture changes, this will be a big one. We’ve been waiting for driverless cars since well before Phillip K. Dick brought them up. We aren’t getting our jetpacks, hoverboards or flying cars, but this is a step in that direction. So why has it been done so quietly?

There’s a lesson for anyone who runs projects or is involved in large scale technology rollouts. It’s OK to play your cards close to the vest. There is nothing wrong with waiting to talk about the next big thing until you know it works. You don’t need to start broadcasting your intentions, your updates, your timelines on day one. Know what you are building and know that it works before you bring it to our attention.

Change management and communications are critical, no doubt. But so is your credibility in changing the world. Knowing when to share and when to work quietly can not only build your reputation, it can protect it as well.


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