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Designed for the modern Human Resources organization, Dovetail’s web-based HR Help Desk solution provides effective management of requests, such as issues and questions, from employees. The easy-to-use interface,customizable workflows, integrated knowledge base, and powerful web-based reporting module can help you increase the efficiency of service delivery of your HR department. Dovetail’s solution can easily integrate with your existing Human Resource Management System or you can use it as a standalone solution. Easily customized, you can adapt it to your business needs – providing the flexibility you need.

Key Benefits

Get New HR Reps Up-to-Speed Quickly

  • The easy-to-use interface reduces training costs and ramp-up time.
  • Fine-grained roles and permissions simplify and secure the user interface, allowing HR reps to only view and edit data that is necessary for their role in the organization.
  • The sophisticated knowledge base enables HR reps to re-use trusted enterprise knowledge, significantly enhancing the productivity of each service rep and reducing ramp-up time.

Organize Data with Personalized Dashboards

  • With Dashboards, every HR rep has the ability to optimize their work environment, arranging personal dashboards to organize information from many sources.
  • Dashboard creation is simple, and HR reps can build as many Dashboards as necessary to have different information available for the various tasks they perform.

Mitigate Risk by Centralizing HR Data

  • Centralized management of HR activities enables staff members and managers to address and record general inquiries and requests, storing all associated documents, notes, and communications in one place.
  • Complete audit trails of employee communications with HR ensure regulatory compliance, for example with Sarbanes-Oxley, and can result in fewer lawsuits or regulatory inquiries due to non-conformity or misconduct.

Reduce Costs with Multi-tiered Service Delivery

  • Dovetail Support Suite for HR supports a multi-tiered approach to service delivery, which reduces costs by allowing employees to find answers to their own HR questions, which reduces call volume.

At Tier 0, 40-70% of inquiries can be answered through self-service, 24×7, without having to wait for an HR generalist or specialist to be available. At Tier 1 (accounting for 20-40% of inquiries), most information can be provided by HR generalists who can locate answers by using Dovetail’s integrated knowledge base with sophisticated search capabilities. If escalated to Tier 2, (accounting for 5-10% of inquiries), the requests that remain unresolved can be routed to specialists or subject matter experts. Finally, at Tier 3 (accounting for less than 5% of inquiries) requests can be routed to outside experts.

HR Tiers

  • Employees have access to the same knowledge base as HR reps through Dovetail Self-Service, enabling consistent answers and improving efficiency.

Share Collective Wisdom to Boost Productivity

  • The Knowledge Base is comprised of answers to questions and solutions to problems from HR activities, and encourages effective reuse of enterprise knowledge – leveraging the collective experience and interactions of employees and HR staff.
  • Integrated knowledge management enables HR reps to provide fast, accurate, and consistent solutions for HR inquiries.
  • Solutions can be easily located, which optimizes the effectiveness of employee interaction, and improves first contact resolution rate.
  • Publishing capabilities enable solutions to be reviewed for technical correctness, intelligibility, and compliance with policies before HR reps publish them.

Improve Productivity with Multi-Channel Support

  • Dovetail Support Suite for HR captures and tracks all employee questions, issues, and requests regardless of the communication channel (phone, self-service, and email) and stores interactions in one place.
  • Multi-channel support enables employees to communicate through their preferred communication channel, improving the productivity of the HR organization.
  • Telephone calls can be documented with action items and responses to and from the employee.
  • Email can be received and responded to seamlessly within the application with all email content stored for complete audit trail purposes, inclusive of any attached documents.

Find What You Need When You Need It

  • A powerful “Google-like” search facility makes it easy to find desired information regarding service resources, support activities, and solutions.
  • Queries leverage pre-defined categories with attributes such as Incident Type, Incident Severity, Incident Priority, and Create Dates, and queries can be saved for later reuse.

Keep Track of Assets with Centralized Asset Management

  • Centralized asset management links employees with assets such as company vehicles, credit cards, mobile phones, and ID badges, which eliminates costly replacement of unrecoverable assets.

Automate Key Processes with an Integrated Workflow Engine

  • The underlying event-based Integrated Workflow Engine enables process automation as well as detailed monitoring of all HR activity.
  • HR departments can automate and streamline key HR processes, such as qualified life event changes and onboarding/offboarding.
  • Many processes can be automated to reduce or eliminate the need for human involvement and unique business logic and intelligent workflow can be designed to complement the desired HR support lifecycle, which boosts productivity.
  • Email messages can be automatically routed to Dovetail Support Center seamlessly resulting in new or updated requests, which eliminates the need for HR reps to open their email application.

Adopt Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Service Level Agreements are a growing strategic trend in Human Resources, not just for outsourcers – SLA support allows your HR organization to take a businesslike approach to solving people problems, enabling you to meet client expectations and requirements.
  • Service levels can be used to notify of pending thresholds that help ensure all committed response and resolution times are met.

Visualize Critical Data with Real-time Reporting

  • The flexible report writer enables customization of reports by business users, which can be published in a variety of formats (Word, Excel, PDF, XML, and RTF).
  • Reports can be run on-demand or scheduled to run at specific times or intervals.

Customize without Upgrade Headaches

  • Dovetail’s vendor-managed upgrades eliminate hidden services costs and minimize service disruption.
  • Dovetail allows upgrades to any version at any time. Upgrades are typically accomplished in a matter of hours.
  • Customizations are easy to implement, allowing the software to be continually enhanced to meet changing business needs.
  • Dovetail’s modern software design philosophy allows software upgrades while keeping customizations working and intact.

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