Don’t Mess With Texas

I love Texas.  So I was naturally pretty excited to be invited to speak at the Texas Total Rewards conference this year.  I’m also terribly excited that the conference wants to include non-C&B material, and look forward to sharing what I’ve learned about process work with them.  So what does the conference hold for attendees?

Great Keynotes

With sessions from Brent Longnecker, Lenny Sanicola and Sharon Schweitzer , there is a wealth of information available to attendees on performance rewards, healthcare reform and corporate protocol.  Not your traditional C&B discussions, to be sure, but ones that will have a lasting impact on your company.  Read more about the speakers here.

Diverse Session Topics

Tracks for Compensation Development, Compensation Performance, Total Rewards, Sales Compensation and International Compensation fill the list.  Whatever challenge your organization is facing, you can bet there is time devoted to it on the schedule.  Check out the full agenda.

Leadership Panel

Tuesday features a great discussion with these top level HR professionals:

The opportunity to listen to these three is worth the price of admission alone.  Speaking of which…

Early Registration Discounts

The registration fees are extremely reasonable for this level of content.  Head over to the registration page to see more information.  On top of that, there are still early bird discounts available until the end of the month, so if you are in the Dallas area, there’s no good excuse not to be there.  Unless it is sold out, of course.

Those are my thoughts.  But here’s some more great reasons to attend, straight from the conference team!


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