Building an HR Survey

My feelings on surveys are no secret.  So when Charlie Judy asked for input on building one, it was an interesting though experiment for me.  I don’t dislike HR surveys so much as surveys in general.

My feedback is that I look for data that I can use for decision making.  Part of that is job based (“How much time do you spend on…”), part is education and certification (to be indexed with performance results to try and tease out a correlation or two).

But I’m sure Charlie would like to get more of the HR community in this discussion, and I’d hope the type of person who might read this blog would have some great insight into what we could build that would be meaningful for the analyst while painless for the respondant.

So, if you have a moment, jump over and speak up!


  1. I agree with you that HR surveys are a struggle most of the time. However, I don’t think they can be all data. We deal with the opinion side of things and I think you can take those responses to see trends, but hard data surveys don’t really fit HR well enough.

    Unfortunately, this is a subject that falls into the “it depends” section of things. I’m not a fan, but there needs to be a larger vehicle to gather information because the sad truth is that we don’t talk to each other enough the way it is.

    So, how was my answer ??

    1) Poor
    2) Somewhat vague and nebulous
    3) Neutral
    4) Goodish
    5) Unbelievably awesome and life-changing !!

    I await your response . . .

    • Agree that it can’t be ALL data stuff. But that’s how I lean. (No pun intended. OK, maybe a little.)

      I assume when big brains like yours are engaged in HR discussions, I can feel free to let my analytic side speak up, and the more “opinion” oriented questions will be covered.


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