Best. Interviewer. Ever.

In between checking the temperature and how many fireworks shows have been cancelled, I ran across this headline. (HT: STL Today):

Missouri man admits crime in job interview, gets arrested

An eastern Missouri man’s honesty during a job interview with the state Highway Patrol got him arrested when, according to the interviewer, he acknowledged inappropriately touching a child.

I want to meet the person doing this interview.  Seriously?  What kind of questioning leads you down this path?  It’s too awesomely uncomfortable to imagine.

The full story shares that man who has now been charged with more than 20 counts, was interviewing for a role with…wait for it…the Missouri State Highway Patrol.  I guess Penn State isn’t hiring these days.  (Sorry, Penn, but you get to be included in each and every story like this for as long as I’m writing them.  This is your new brand.  Get used to it.  You earned it.)

This kind of interview doesn’t happen by accident.  There’s no indication of who conducted the interview, but it had to be some kind of super HR pro, right?  We know how to drill down and follow up, but getting a candidate to admit a crime like this?  In a way that they are hauled off in cuffs?  That’s outstanding work.

Whoever they may be, I am begging them to come forward and take to the conference circuit.  Please get out there and teach your brethren on conducting great interviews.

You have a gift.


  1. EITHER the best interviewer ever or the most personally invasive interviewer ever. Yeah?

    That story reminds me of a time when I told an insurance adjuster I was going “like 45 miles an hour” and it cost me $200 even though the accident wasn’t my fault. That guy’s kicking himself for oversharing, I bet.

  2. I’m guessing it went down something like this: “You’ll be working Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays. You get two weeks of vacation, and where do you like to touch young boys?”

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